Learn How to Dominate in DC Universe Online

If this is your first time playing a game like DC Universe Online, I bet that you’re probably wondering how you can become the best superhero or supervillain there is. Many players have advanced to higher levels, equipped with tier 2 gear and are admired by newbies everywhere. Do you want to join them and be an idol for newbies? In this article, I will proceed to list several tips to help you achieve those dreams.

Concentrate your energy on Damage until you reach level 30

Hold the thought of changing your role and loadout just yet. Instead, wait until you start grouping up and also, for late game content. Although it will cost you money to change your role in the League headquarters, it pays off in the long run because you’ll be leveling up more often by focusing on damage alone. Possessing powers such as defence, control and healing will make you very popular in groups, but you will level up very slowly and will not be able to rake in the full rewards for the time you have spent in the game.

Get as much money as you can

Just like many other MMORPG games, money and item drops are important so make sure you snag them whenever you can, but also be sure to trade unneeded items with other players and sell of worthless items to vendors. Money may not seem like a big deal at first but as you progress further into the game, you will realize that money is necessary to buy better gear and improve your damage levels.

Constantly practice in Legends beginning from level 8

The Legends option will become available once you complete a certain number of missions in the game. If you have plans to play PvP, I would definitely recommend practicing to hone your skills and power. This will not only prepare and teach you how to play with higher level characters, but you can share your favourite DC icons here.

Form a League

When it comes to MMO games, the easiest way to progress would be to form a group of characters with specific roles that can assist each other in team fights. Although PUGs can be plenty of fun, they are mostly disorganized because the players do not share the same mindset. Having a league of players who share similar ideas and objectives and are also willing to communicate through voice chat will be plenty of help.

Make at least two characters

It’s good to learn how to play different kinds of characters because this helps you to understand various aspects of the game. You can pick two opposing sides such as a superhero and villain, or even an alternate account for trading purposes so that you can easily transfer your items without having to waste valuable time to move back and forth with your main character.

Playing DC Universe Online gives you the opportunity to take control of the role as a superhero or supervillain. To become one of the best, you have to be courteous and respect others, have plenty of determination, and helpful teammates who you can count on. You’ll be there before you know it.

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